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Your ideal travel guitar

super portable


Jammy is a portable guitar with the best playability. At just 17" long when disassembled, it has a 15-fret neck suitable to play most of your favorite rock songs.

super portable

Totally autonomous

You can play digital Jammy Guitar on its own — no smartphone or tablet needed. The sound is generated on board, which means no latencies caused by sending the signal to external devices like other smart guitars do.

Real guitar experience

Jammy’s real steel strings and advanced sensors make your favorite guitar techniques extremely lifelike.

Practically smart

Single tap tuning

Onboard guitar tones and FX

You’ve got a set of guitars and a whole range of pedals that can be configured and arranged into FX chains you can easily switch among.



Jammy captures everything that you play, allowing you to retrieve your sessions in a snap — not a single note will be lost!

Music editing software compatibility

Music editing software compatibility

Your sessions are saved as MIDI files and can be instantly imported to an audio editor of your choice so you could go on working on your masterpiece.

Onboard guitar tones and FX

Single-tap tuning

Jammy has a dozen of the most popular guitar tunings that you may apply in a single tap.

Technical specifications

jammy technical specification jammy technical specification


  jammy guitar Jammy smart guitar Smart acoustic guitar Acoustic
Portability + + -
Frets amount 15 up to 12 22
Onboard effects + + -
Direct headphones output + - +
<10 ms latency + - +