1. With a 15-fret neck, is Jammy still a 'portable guitar'?

    The longest part of Jammy is still only 17” long, which means the Jammy guitar fits into most of the backpacks. It also complies with the airlines carry-on regulations.

  2. Since Jammy consists of two parts, will the attachment be sturdy enough to endure the playing and transportation?

    It certainly will be. Our engineers paid special attention to that matter. The team has studied various industrial mechanisms which allowed us to come up with a super-durable solution.

  3. Will I be able to adjust the strings’ tension on Jammy Guitar?

    New design allows for adjusting the tension, so the strings felt as loose or tight as you want them to.

  4. Are bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and palm muting available on Jammy?

    Yes! All of that is possible thanks to touch, velocity and pressure sensors on strings and frets.

  5. Can I use alternate tunings on Jammy?

    Jammy is a MIDI guitar, so we can change tuning pretty easily with just a few taps in our companion app

  6. Why not just buy a real guitar?

    We do not intend to replace a standard guitar. Our instrument is made for people who just want to strum a chord or two while traveling, but can't stand the hassle of carrying a full-fledged six-stringer around. We also target guitarists who need a stringed MIDI controller in their recording setup. We have nothing against your ordinary axes, we actually love them.

  7. Got a bass?

    We plan on adding bass presets to our soundbanks soon. As for the real 4-stringer, we’ll consider making it after we succeeded with the 6-string guitar.

  8. How can it make a sound when the string you pluck is not even connected to the note you're fretting?

    It is connected electronically. Jammy is a digital guitar, so the sound is not made by the vibration of strings and the body’s resonance directly. Strings and frets serve as sensors that send data to the onboard sound processor which generates both MIDI and audio signals.

  9. Do you use Bluetooth?

    We use Bluetooth to connect Jammy to the companion app. Also, it's possible to send the MIDI signal over to connected devices via Bluetooth. As for now, we don't use Bluetooth for audio transition because of the considerable latency. This latency, totally unacceptable for musical instruments, can only be avoided by using the APTX protocol, which is not yet supported by the majority of devices in the market. We'll consider using the APTX later when it's more widespread, but for now, our main priority is to avoid latency, and that's why we generate sound on board, sending the signal straight to an amp or headphones via audio jacks, or to the computer via USB type C.

  10. How do you tune the Jammy?

    The Jammy is tuned automatically — you can choose among ten most popular tunings: standard E, E flat, standard D, open D, open Dm, open G, drop A, drop B, drop C, drop D, standard C sharp, and open A. In the next iteration, we'll add the possibility of tuning every single string however you want.

  11. How do I restring Jammy if the string breaks?

    You can easily restring it yourself — it's done much like on the usual guitar, so you can also adjust the strings tension on the left part. The right part is designed so it's hard to break the strings on it — unless, of course, someone will deliberately cut them with the wire cutters. To restring both parts, you are going to need strings of a certain length and with the special ball-ends which you can purchase from us. The two sets of strings (both for the left and the right parts) will cost you about $20 altogether.

  12. I backed at $349 before the price has changed, will I get the detachable frame?

    As long as you've placed your order before our announcement about the price change, you will get your Jammy complete with all the accessories in the box at the initial price. That means no additional payments for the detachable neck. (For backers who have placed their orders before the update).

  13. What is the project status and when can I get the latest updates on it?

    Our current estimation is that we’ll start shipments in March 2019. We’ve notified our backers about our production estimations in this update on our blog.

    We publish updates monthly. Moreover, all our backers should get the updates via email. If you’re our backer and don’t get the updates, check your spam folder and add oleg.domansky@playjammy.com to your whitelist.