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01. Compact

Due to a sliding neck, Jammy provides a full guitar sound range in a body that fits into your backpack or car's glove compartment

02. Autonomous

⅛” audio output allows you practice discreetly with your earphones or plug your Jammy into an amp—no additional devices required

03. Smart

Jammy’s mobile app helps you play your favorite songs with the responsive tabs or improvise to the backing tracks in different genres

Press & Testimonials

Ideal for slipping into a holdall, this is one instrument that'll allow "Wonderwall" strummers the world over to rock out wherever they are

British GQ


A custom pack of sounds charges your Jammy with the most legendary guitar tones of all times

Tech specs

Unstretched 0''
Stretched 0''
Full-scale neck
Output ¼ jack

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